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selection process

selection process

Rosenblum wrote in court papers proposing questions that should be asked of citizens when they report to the Montgomery County Courthouse Monday for the jury selection process in Kanes trial. That question, along with others, apparently is an attempt to discern the impartiality and political leanings of potential jurors. Other juror questions proposed by the defense team would inquire if any jurors or close family members previously worked for political campaigns, raised money for a political campaign or cause, ran for elected office, served as a lobbyist, or viewed, read or listened to any politically-themed social media accounts, talk shows, radio shows or internet postings more than once a month. The Democratic Party nominated Attorney General Kathleen Kane for the position she currently holds. Do you hold any opinions of the Democratic Party that will affect your ability to be fair and impartial in this case? another proposed question reads. Shargel, Seth C. Farber, Ross M. Kramer and Amil Minora explained that such questions, which are not part of standard juror inquiries, are necessary due to the unique nature of this case, and the extensive media coverage of this prosecution. The lawyers also have included the more standard questions, for instance, asking potential jurors if they know any of the lawyers or witnesses associated with the case and if they have prior knowledge of the facts of the case. But Judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy will have the final say as to what questions are posed to jurors when the selection process gets underway at 9 a.m.

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After.ou have developed the questions you will ask of each applicant, it is recommended that you develop a form that includes the questions, interviewer name, date, name of applicant, position being filled. Such interviews may be biased at times. If interviewee requests an accommodation contact the Disability Management Office . He/she will have a computer available to use, but may write the essay or memo in longhand. an applicant is so interested in the position that he or she begins to interview you. Instead of sharing information verbally in each interview, it may be more efficient to provide written materials for applicants. Then ask them if they would like to proceed to an interview given the salary you have to offer. Candidates who do not pass all the required examinations are notified and must reapply during the next posting. If this is the case it should be noted. Primacy Effect is associated with “the first impression,” interviewers’ first impressions of a candidate can often play a powerful role in their subsequent assessment.

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